CHAIRMAN Middle East Facility Services

Al Qaisi Group Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Al Qaisi Group, where expertise meets innovation. With over 38 years of dedicated commitment and successful ventures across the Middle East, our group has consistently evolved and expanded its footprint globally. In this message from the chairman, we delve into finding the right solutions for your business, a theme that resonates with our decades-long journey of establishing and developing companies. Explore with us as we navigate the dynamic landscape of business solutions tailored to meet your needs.

TRUST, this is the life concept that has been the fundamental pillar of our long term strategy in terms of expansion and consolidation. The family atmosphere has been the spirit that makes the solid structure to continue building and moving towards the future.

We are operating actively in a wide range of key sectors, including Real State, Security & Protection, Educational Sector, Fuel and Gas Stations, Hospitality, Maintenance, Cleaning, and IT solutions among others, bear in mind safe investments and stable growth.

Our focus to aim at these industries due to their importance is part of the macro plan to achieve the vision of the UAE leadership, as an example of rapid expansion growth and steadiness.

Salem Ahmed Al Qaisi

Founder and Chairman

“Family, Commitment and believing in ourselves are the main key success factor for Al Qaisi Group”