Beginning of the Journey

Our roots go back to 70’s, under the wisdom and vision of Mr. Salem Ahmed Salem Al Qaisi with the foundation of Real State that was the first Company established in UAE.

Mr. Salem develops a breakthrough portolio of services and solutions, the company he founded belongs to form what is now known as Al Qaisi Group companies from which merges with Middle East Building Security LLC (MEBS) in 1999, Mr. Salem identifies the need of security and Protection company with deepest understanding of the Arabic culture and to be able to adapt to the fast-tack changes across the region, MEBS with an offcial startup in early days in 2000, is the consolidation of Mr. Salem’s vision.

During this long journey and changing times Middle East has been eyewitness of city’s grow and the dynamic of the international trade, also the convergence of many lines of business that gather together in Dubai and UAE

Al Qaisi Group
The merge of Al Qaisi & MEBS
Middle East Building Security Official Launch