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The world’s leading integrated Premier security services providers in dubai specializing in the delivery of Premier security and related services in Dubai UAE. Middle East and its portfolio of integrated Premier Security Services in Dubai, perform as your single point of contact, and provides multiple ranges of services in Security fields, for our clients with experience and expertise under the top premise of quality assurance in dubai.
Partner with us and simplify your organization's facility needs with our extensive network of qualified staff. Our focus on continuous improvement allows our dedicated teams to make smarter decisions to deliver our clients a better service experience, control of budget with cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose our Security Services in Dubai ?


Hassle Free Labour Document issues


Cost and Effciency saves


Reduce overhead cost


Simplify the operations control


Staffing flexibility

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Premier Security Services in Dubai

Continuity business and Risk management


Legal compliance over cost


25 Years of experience


Over 1000 satisfied clients

Top Security Solution Providers in Dubai

At Middle East Facility Services, we pride ourselves on being the
top leading providers of security services in Dubai. Our commitment to
excellence is evident in the numerous benefits we offer to our clients​ in Dubai UAE

Hassle-Free Labour Document Issues:

Our streamlined processes ensure hassle-free management of labor documents, saving you time and effort.

Cost and Efficiency Savings:

Benefit from cost-effective solutions without compromising on efficiency, optimizing your security investment.

Premier Security Services in Dubai
Security services providers in dubai

Reduced Overhead Costs:

Experience reduced overhead costs with our efficient security services tailored to meet your organization’s needs.​

Simplified Operations Control:

We simplify operations control, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle security seamlessly.​

Staffing Flexibility:

Enjoy staffing flexibility with our tailored security solutions, providing the right personnel at the right time.​

Business Continuity and Risk Management:

Ensure business continuity with our robust security measures, coupled with effective risk management strategies.

Legal Compliance Over Cost:

We prioritize legal compliance without compromising on cost, offering a secure environment that adheres to regulations.​

25 Years of Experience:

Benefit from our extensive 25 years of experience in delivering top-notch security solutions to businesses in Dubai.​