Integral Protection & Security

Integral Protection & Security Services in Dubai

The current market environment represents many challenges for companies, therefore the clear perception of the risk and its management occupies a central place in their agendas.
  • Government
  • Corporations
  • Banking
  • Residential
  • Commercial & Retai
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • Healthcare – Education
  • Construction – Engineering
  • Diplomatic
  • Oil & Gas – Mining
Our certified team-life ensures the health and safety of the patrons in the Natatorium area, ME Lifeguards are highly prepared for efficient emergency response when needed, enforcing guest and pool users respect of the rules in a fair, polite, and rational manner The Lifeguards team is very capable, qualified and trained in the “life-cycle” (Prevention – Rescue – Aid.)
Video surveillance and CCTV monitoring by our technology-media operators are articulated with physical security services, providing a comprehensive solution and becoming an essential tool for our customers.
We work in close collaboration with Events promoters to give coverage of all aspects. From gate attendants – traffc control – crowd management, our goal is to ensure that your activity runs smoothly and without incident
Our Cargo security team understands the sensibility in logistic – Transportation, their task is key link in to the logistic and supplier chain
Executive protection

Executive Protection

Feeling safe in a solid environment or escort scheme; Provided through discreet custody is the ideal system of executive protection. Businesses are evolving, which brings new risks and challenges, the ability of organizations to anticipate threats, respond and adapt continuously, depends more than ever on the strength of their risk management process, and the procuring of the right support company



As Strategic allies in consultancy. Investigation, advisory, close protection and Physical Security, we have the scope to make logical assessments and real supports that converge in the adaptability of integrated solutions for our customers.
Guest Engagment

Guest Engagement

Concierge, Receptionist & front desk team are the first point of contact that your guests have, our aim is to spread the feeling of warm welcomed with a positive first impression of the organization directing your visitors and answering their questions., complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.